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Why doesn't my website look exactly like the demo?
Where is this content I'm reading right now coming from?
How do I add content to the tabs at the top?
Where are the images from the demo site?
Where do I edit the 'Join > Share > Connect!' area below?

Help Document

Please be sure to review the help document included with the theme. It can be found in the “Documentation” folder inside the download files, or by clicking the blue “Help” tab in the theme admin from any theme settings area. The help file answers many questions and will walk you through the steps required to initially setup your site.


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Join a Group... or 4

Your team, your position and many more – Find the groups that fit you and connect with players all over the country.

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Need tips and advice on your swing or defensive position? Post a video and learn from your peers and experts.

Talk Baseball

Start a forum topic or comment on someone else’s. Share ideas on trending baseball topics and get community feedback.

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Make status updates, send messages to your friends and more with posts, images, videos and links.

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July 2024

About Strike

Strike was created to offer young players a place to connect and learn about the game we love. With the high costs of private lessons and instructors, we wanted to give every player the advantage of free professional advice, and access to a library of training materials. Interactive media and high definition videos will be added during the Spring/Summer of 2014, so be sure to check back often, post your own videos for analysis and help your fellow players excel.

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Nearly 200 Articles
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