The Top 11 Baseball Songs of All Time

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Top Baseball Songs of All TimeOne of the many great aspects of baseball is the subculture that has spun off of it. From baseball cards and iconic merchandise to movies and even television shows. Today, we would like to pay tribute to the eclectic music baseball has inspired.

We’ve put together 11 of our favorite baseball songs of all time for your enjoyment. Why 11? Well, because it is technically 10…but we’ll get to that.

We’ve included a playlist at the bottom of the article if you’d like to play them all through at once or skip around easier. So go ahead and grab some peanuts and cracker jacks, sit back and enjoy some of baseball’s greatest tunes!

11. Wild Thing

If this song doesn’t get you amped up as Ricky Vaughn exits the bullpen, I don’t know what will. Made famous from 1989’s Major League, “Wild Thing” will forever be associated with flamethrowing closers. I’ve included the non-English clip from the movie below due to Rachel Phelps’ potty-mouthed line expressing her hatred for the song…

10. Field of Dreams

Our second movie soundtrack contribution to the list (and second 1989 film, for that matter), was written by James Horner for the Kevin Costner hit film. Go ahead, listen and try not to picture a son having a catch with his ghostly dad. Sad stuff, right?

9. Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?

With “42” crowding theaters in recent weeks, there has been a renewed interest in Jackie Robinson. However, back when there was still a “new” interest, he had songs and everything. (Side note: I highly recommend watching the first movie about Jackie Robinson, 1950’s The Jackie Robinson Story. Not only because it’s a decent movie, but because it’s bizarre to watch someone who has been in the league for three years star in a movie about himself.)

8. The Greatest

Kenny Rogers at his best. I’ll say it: This song is just downright cute.

7. Say Hey

Willie Mays, the “Say Hey Kid,” had his own song as well. This one is pretty catchy and captures the popularity of the legendary outfielder.

6. Talkin’ Baseball

Sung by Terry Cashman in 1981, this song is absolutely packed with the greatest names in baseball history, all set to a catchy, smooth tune.

5. Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

Our last song on the list dedicated to an individual player, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio was one of the first, performed in 1941. The song describes DiMaggio’s famous hitting streak and legendary career and goes down as one of the greatest baseball songs of all time.

4. Cheap Seats

There’s something truly unique and magical about watching a minor league game. Country super group Alabama captured the atmosphere perfectly in 1993’s “Cheap Seats.” Try to tell me this doesn’t put you in the mood for a hot dog at the game.

3. Centerfield

John Fogerty’s 1985 song is so recognizable in ballparks that stadiums across the nation simply play the claps in the intro between pitchers to get fans going. This song oozes baseball nostalgia and greatness.

2. Take Me Out To the Ball Game

I’m sure you saw this one coming. During baseball season, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is sung by thousands of people a day during the 7th inning stretch in ballparks across the nation. I’ve included the very first recorded 1908 version below, primarily because most people have only heard the chorus of this baseball classic.

1. Take Me Out To the Ball Game (As performed by Harry Caray)

That’s right. The same song made #1 and #2 in our list, but they are vastly different, because “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is an entirely new song when headed by legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray. Watch the video below and see all the people enjoying a day at the park, joining together for a song. It shows the greatness of baseball in one short clip.

If you would like to play all of these songs through at once and skip around easier, we’ve put together the playlist below.

Well, those are our picks. I’m sure you have more to add or some you would omit. What would your list include?

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