1. David Veldt

    The Magic of Opening Day

    Exactly 150 days ago, on Sunday, October 28th 2012, San Francisco Giants’ Sergio Romo caught Triple Crown winner and Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera looking on an outside pitch, effectively ending the 2012 MLB season and bringing the Commissioner’s Trophy home to San Francisco. After a couple days of analysis and...
  2. David Veldt

    The Mentality of a Slump

    We see it every year in the major leagues. A player starts out the season red-hot. Pitchers are unhittable and hitters cannot seem to miss. They barrel through for weeks and then—downward. Analysts scratch their heads, managers bump them down the lineup, water coolers are thrown over and sometimes that...
  3. David Veldt

    Respect For The Game

    Last night, I was across town at my favorite park for a nice sunset run. On my way home, I saw the lights for the local community college’s baseball field lit up from the highway. Considering I’ve only seen a handful of live baseball games this summer, I decided to...
  4. David Veldt

    The Bad Luck Fan

    Any loyal fan of the Detroit Tigers knows the name Stormin’ Norman Cash. They might know that he brought home the American League batting title in 1961 or that he was a 5-time All-Star. Some die-hard fans may even be aware that he was the first player to literally hit...
  5. David Veldt

    Best & Worst Pitchers from the Movies

    Since approximately 40% of my movie collection is baseball movies, I wanted to open this up for discussion: Who are the best and worst pitchers from the movies and TV? What I mean is, who do you think could actually strike you out and who do you think would have...

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