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Coaching baseball is a large responsibility. Tee ball, little league, travel league, high school, college, minors and majors – your task is the same. Teach the game we love, treat it with respect, and instill players with the skills and fundamentals they need to excel. Beyond those primary responsibilities, coaches still have the task of teaching every position on the field and taking on the role of hitting coach and base coach. Browse our collection of baseball coaching tips and pick up on some of the most helpful team drills, position drills and basics of baseball strategy. Be sure to check back to the coaching center often, though, as we’re always adding, updating and extending on our resources.

Team Drills

These drills develop teamwork and bring players closer together while enabling your players to work together as a unit. From scrimmages to drills that develop quick hands and arm strength, browse these and make your team a more skilled and connected one.

Baseball Drills

As a coach, you need to know all the positions, as well as the ins and outs of hitting. These position drills develop individual players’ skills and further your team as a whole.

Writing a Lineup

Utilizing the strengths of your players to develop a strong lineup is an essential part of baseball strategy. Browse our baseball coaching tips for writing a lineup and give your team every advantage.

Building a Pitching Rotation

For older players and more advanced leagues, learning how to best utilize your starters, relievers and closers for an effective pitching rotation is crucial to wins as well as the safety and health of your pitchers.


When to call for a hit and run, a steal, a bunt or pitchout are just a few of the decisions baseball coaches make based on timing and strategy. Learn how and when to make these calls as well as several other baseball coaching tips by browsing our list of scenarios.
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