Baseball Drills

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Baseball drills are a part of the game that everyone loves to hate. However, they are a necessary evil. They develop muscle memory, which goes a long way in a game of precision such as baseball. Whether drilling to instill and maintain correct mechanics or utilizing corrective drills to fix a flaw in a swing, pitch or defensive position, baseball drills ensure some of the most difficult actions come as second nature.

Browse our drill center for drills to help batters, pitchers, fielders and catchers improve their game. Some are more difficult than others, and some may even be considered fun, but their purpose is the same – develop the best mechanics to put yourself and your team in a position for success. Don’t forget to check back often, though – we are constantly updating, extending and adding to our collection of baseball drills.


Team drills develop relationships amongst players, improve chemistry and get the team working together as a single unit. Whether you’re looking for something to add a little fun to a long practice or help your team develop quick hands and heads – these drills cover all the bases (pun intended).


Pitchers have a rough job. The right drills will not only help them develop the correct mechanics, but will also help protect their arms deep into the game and be more effective on the mound.


Catching drills are by far the most brutal – probably why not a whole lot of players want to be a catcher. For those who are tough enough, however, these drills help develop a more effective, fundamentally sound player.


From the tee to soft toss and live pitching – and some weird ones in between – browse our hitting drills to help develop quick hands, a solid swing and consistent results.


Soft hands, quick feet and fast release are all essential skills in the infield. These baseball drills ensure infielders are ready to react when they are served a line drive or a slow hopper, and help close gaps in the infield as players increase their range.


Outfielding drills help players cover more ground, haul in more line drives and pop flies, and improve arm strength to nab more baserunners. Explore our full list of baseball drills for the outfield, and find out how you or your players can develop the skills needed to serve as your team’s last line of defense.

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