Pitching Drills

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Pitching from the stretch and from the wind up is similar to a well-practiced swing. It is done with the intention that every repetition will be strikingly (see what I did there?) similar, with subtle differences depending on the situation. While at bat, you react to pitches of varying speeds and locations slightly different, but with the same basic swing. It’s the same with pitching; your delivery must be consistent to not only hit your spots, but to keep batters and baserunners guessing.

Pitching drills provide youth players with the muscle memory they need to obtain and maintain that consistency. Whether it is maintaining a consistent arm slot, preventing a lazy glove or back leg, or simply developing a stronger arm, pitching drills should be a regular aspect of every practice and workout—not only for when there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Within our collection of pitching drills, you’ll find some mainstays of pitchers in every level such as the towel drill, which helps pitchers develop a long stride and how to pitch downhill. Others simply develop good habits and form for increasing accuracy and velocity. Have a pitching drill you’d like to recommend? Let us know—we’re always looking to expand our library of resources!

Towel Drill    Learn

Bucket Drill    Learn

One Knee Drill    Learn

Vision Drill    Learn

Use a Mirror    Learn

Long Toss    Learn

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