Baseball Hitting

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As Ted Williams said, the hardest thing to do in baseball is to hit a round ball with a round bat, squarely. That’s not even the toughest part. The ball could be anywhere in a zone that is 17 inches wide, from your knees to your letters (maybe even larger, depending on the umpire). It could differ in speed up to 15-20 mph from the previous pitch, it could be sinking, sliding, curving or doing some sort of weird movement you didn’t even think existed.

Oh, and then there’s the whole mental part.

Needless to say, there’s a lot that goes into hitting a baseball. Developing muscle memory, solid mechanics and a strong mentality go a long way in raising your batting average. Browse our baseball hitting drills and tips on improving your swing, identifying common mistakes, bunting and the more scientific aspects of hitting. Since we’re constantly updating, adding to and extending our baseball hitting resources, be sure to check back often.

Hitting Drills

Hitting drills are all about developing muscle memory, so your body can react correctly and with precision when the pitch is delivered. The only way to develop muscle memory, however, is through repetition. Whether you are working on your mechanics or correcting a current problem with your swing, these baseball hitting drills will help you develop your game and improve your performance at the plate.

Youth Baseball Bats

Find out exactly what size and type of youth baseball bat is right for you or your young player. With the high costs of new bats, make sure you are choosing one that will last a few seasons and is the ideal length and weight.

Seeing the Ball

With the speed, movement and reaction time involved in hitting, vision is paramount. Learn some tricks to baseball hitting for focusing and developing your vision so you can see the seams, judge a breaking ball and connect.

The Perfect Swing

We’ll just give this secret away now – there is no such thing as a single perfect swing. One player can hit a pitch down and away perfectly and the next day a different player can hit a high curveball perfectly with a completely different swing. Learn the fundamentals that build a perfect swing, but don’t expect it to happen at every at bat. What we can do, however, is give you the tools to put together a quality at bat every time and find success more often.

Work the Count

Every at bat is a chess match between the hitter and batter. It’s a mental game and you’re both trying to get ahead of each other. Learn how you can put yourself in a position to find your perfect pitch, draw more walks and strike out less.

Inside & Outside Pitches

Timing is everything in baseball hitting. In fact, its the only difference between hitting an inside and outside pitch. Learn the basics of hitting inside and outside and extend your effectiveness at the plate.

Common Mistakes

It seems so simple, yet so much can go wrong during a regular at bat. From the physical to the mental, there are several common mistakes that plague players of all levels. Pinpoint where your swing might be suffering, and learn some tips and drills to solve it.

Angular Velocity

Apologies in advance, but we’re going to get a little scientific here. Find out the physics involved in an effective swing and how you can improve bat speed and power.

How to Bunt

Bunting is basically a required skillset in order to be an effective ballplayer. Learn how to bunt down 1st, 3rd and how to execute a suicide squeeze with these baseball hitting tips.

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