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As one of the most underrated aspects of the game, baserunning determines the outcome of countless games every season. There is simply no substitute for someone who is smart and quick on the base paths, and they are an essential part of every winning strategy. This isn’t limited to just lead offs and stolen bases – knowing situations, how far you can leg out a base hit, sliding, scoring and more – part of becoming an effective baserunner is being a smart ballplayer.

Willie Mays and Rickey Henderson are just a couple players in history who have turned baserunning into an event and an art form. They made a stolen base or scoring from 2nd as exciting to watch as a homerun or a diving catch. Learn how you too can be effective on the base paths as well with tips and instruction from our baserunning center. Be sure to check back often, as we’re always adding, updating and extending our articles.


I’m on first base. What happens if there’s a pop up to right field? Do I tag and hold? Do I go half way to 2nd? What if the pop up is to left field? There are several considerations while on base and the miscalculation of these situations has resulted in some of baseball’s biggest bonehead plays. Make sure you know when to tag up, when to run and when to hold up with our collection of scenarios.


Getting a good lead and a good jump on a righty or lefty pitcher isn’t easy. Even then, you have the catcher’s arm to compete with. Learn the tips and tricks of the base paths on getting every advantage out of every pitch to make sure you beat the throw down to 2nd or 3rd. But why stop there? We’ll even show you how to steal home.


Not only are you making yourself a difficult tag, you’re getting there a fraction of a second sooner, and in the case of 2nd and 3rd base, you are ensuring you can maintain that speed to the bag without overrunning it. We’ll get more into the ins and the outs of these aspects, but more importantly, we’ll teach you how to do them safely.

Leading Off

There’s a fine line between cocky and confident, take one more half step and you’ve got yourself a good lead. Learn the basics of getting a good lead, as well as some tricks on making “go back” and “go” a quicker and easier decision.

Getting a Jump

Without a good jump, you’re essentially dead in the water. Find out how you can get a jump on even the craftiest lefties and quickest righties.

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