Catching Mechanics

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It takes a certain breed of baseball player to be a catcher. Catchers have to be tough, durable, smart and quick. From behind the batters box you see it all. However, there’s a reason they call catcher’s equipment the “tools of ignorance” – it’s a rough job behind the plate. Instilling proper catching mechanics not only makes the job easier, but makes you more effective.

Browse through the catching center for everything you need to know about catching mechanics. Don’t forget to check back often, though – we’re always updating and adding to our resources. Have something you’d like to learn more about or spot something you think we’ve missed, let us know about it!

Catching Drills

We’ll be honest, catching drills can be – well – pretty brutal. That’s what it takes to be an effective catcher and these drills will help you react quickly and correctly in those high pressure, high speed situations.

Catcher Safety

Being such a demanding job, staying healthy as a catcher is essential. How to protect yourself from injury – both in the short term and long term – is more important than any piece of advice we could give you.

Calling Pitches

This is one of the best parts of being a catcher. Calling a great game is a science. You play the role of part statistician, part strategist and part psychologist. Find out how to keep a batter guessing, off balance and help your pitcher and your team retire more batters.

Catching Position

Proper catching mechanics begin with a prepared position. Whether bases empty or bases loaded, make sure you’re in a position to react.

How to Block a Pitch

If you don’t like getting dirty, why are you a catcher? The ability to block wild pitches not only keeps baserunners at bay, but it can save a game.

Framing Pitches

This is an underrated aspect of the game, yet often done incorrectly. Help your pitchers paint the corners and get more strikes called with just a subtle turn of the wrist.

The Transfer

Who says catchers are slow? I bet we can get the ball out of our glove and into throwing position quicker than you middle infielders! Ahem, sorry. With proper catching mechanics, you can be ready to snap a throw anywhere, anytime.

Throwing Out Baserunners

It’s a wonderful feeling. They gambled on being faster than you, and you made them regret it. Snapping a quick, accurate throw down to 1st, 2nd and 3rd is easier said than done – especially when dealing with live pitchers and batters that may be in the way.

Catching Pop Ups

We know, you learned how to catch a pop fly in tee ball. Well, if you’ve ever dealt with one straight up in the air as a catcher, you know it’s not so simple. The backspin on this straight up pop ups can be brutal, so make sure you know how to set yourself up correctly.

Fielding Bunts

They squared up, you know it’s coming, so make sure you react quickly and deliver a precise throw with proper catching mechanics for fielding a bunt.

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