Pitching Mechanics

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Young player demonstrating proper pitching mechanicsFrom delivering a pitch with precision to fielding, keeping baserunners at bay and hitters off balance, pitching is a demanding job. While every pitcher has a style all his own, it is proper pitching mechanics where everyone finds common ground. Browse through our pitching center and discover the information you need to be effective, threatening and healthy. Don’t forget to check back often, though – we’re always growing and expanding all of our baseball resources. Have a topic you’d like to learn more about? Let us know about it!

Pitcher Safety

This is at the top of our list for a reason. Delivering a pitch is a full body effort, and exerts a tremendous amount of stress on joints and ligaments. While injury plagues even the most seasoned pitchers, proper pitching mechanics are especially crucial for young players while their muscles are still developing and more susceptible to injury or strain. Stretches, warming up, post-pitching workout runs and strict training limits are possibly the most important takeaways in this section.

Pitching Drills

Coaches love them, players loathe them – say what you will, drills do the job. Being such a mental game, the less you can think, the better. Through repetition (and oftentimes, frustration), pitching drills help players develop muscle memory and make proper pitching mechanics come second nature.

Baseball Pitches

A player with a rocket arm is threatening, but a player with an arsenal of effective pitches can be deadly. Since you can’t just blow it by them on every pitch, the ability to keep batters guessing and off balance is a skill that should be utilized by every pitcher. Curveballs, fastballs, sliders, knuckleballs, cutters, splitfingers – we’ve got ’em all.

The Delivery

From the unorthodox to the colorful, traditional, or just plain weird – all successful pitchers know the importance of proper pitching mechanics in their delivery. Learn the basic elements of a solid wind up, key components of pitching from the stretch and how things like a consistent arm slot can keep batters guessing.

Fielding Your Position

Proper mechanics aren’t limited to the mound, and it’s not only so your coach doesn’t toss the water cooler when you boot a slow hopper – staying on your toes and being ready once the ball is delivered is essential to staying safe on the mound. Don’t worry, we go more in depth than just “C’mon, just STEP and THROW!”

Working the Batter

Let’s be honest – being inside a batter’s head is just plain fun. Once you’re in there, you have the immediate upper hand and only luck will bail him out. Was he behind on your fastball? Does he like the high stuff? Are you ahead in the count or is he? With several factors at play, you don’t have to out-pitch the competition, you just need to out-think them.

Pitching Workouts

Like any position in any sport, you need to train to develop and excel. Find workouts to develop your pitching mechanics, increase velocity, prevent injury and be more effective. We’re not just talking workouts from the mound, though – we’re talking in the gym as well.

Craig Kimbrell pitchingHow to Throw Harder

Easy – just run out on the field, slip on a ball, break your arm and when the cast comes off your arm will be a rocket and you’ll pitch for the Chicago Cubs. Okay, so that’s the plot of Rookie of the Year (if you’re too young to know it, rent it). Increasing velocity, not surprisingly, requires a little more effort. We’ll reference key drills, workouts, mechanics and valuable lessons in developing your arm at a safe pace. Also, I think for legal reasons I should probably tell you – DON’T try slipping on a baseball, dummy.

Generating Power

I’ll go ahead and give away the biggest secret right here – it’s all in the legs and core. We’ll point you toward everything you need to know about developing and strengthening your lower half to generate more power on the mound.

Common Mistakes

As with any position in baseball, there is a lot that can go wrong on the mound. Pitching is a position of precision (say that five times fast), so ensuring everything is on point is crucial. We’ll help you identify what may be the problem with your delivery and instill some valuable lessons on pitching mechanics to help you rack up the K’s.
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