Pitching Workouts

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A common misconception among young baseball players is that pitching strength is strictly a matter of arm strength. The truth of the matter is that it is a full body effort. Much like a baseball swing, pitching strength primarily comes from the legs and the core. Strengthening these muscles with a battery of pitching workouts can not only lead to more MPHs on the radar gun, but they can also build endurance, reliability, and reduce the risk of injury.

Before beginning any pitching workout, we recommend reading through our tips and advice on pitcher safety. All too often, young pitchers hit the weight room, over-exerting their bodies and in particular, their arms, before heading on the field. This poses a significant risk to the muscles, ligaments and tendons that already go through enough stress when throwing the ball.

Like any workout regimen, your pitching workouts should be carefully planned and supplemented with a healthy lifestyle. Sit down with your coach, instructor, or even your school’s athletic trainer or other qualified professional to device a safe workout schedule. This schedule should differ depending on whether it is in-season or during the off-season. In-season workouts should incorporate more cardio and low weight, high repetition work, while off-season pitching workouts can involve heavier weight. This is intended to avoid putting too much stress on your arm and body during the season.

Several of these pitching workouts are very common, while some are more specific to baseball. You’ll notice that nearly all of them focus primarily on building strong legs and a solid core, with a limited focus on building arm strength. Between building these muscles and instilling proper mechanics, the vast majority of your velocity can be accounted for. Have some favorite workouts you’d like to recommend? Let us know about them!

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